Placing a fish aquarium is a very good option at home

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Placing a fish aquarium is a very good option at home

26 FEB 2017

Posted by: Arun Nagegowda. Category : Vastu

Placing a fish aquarium is a very good option

1-If you’re witnessing problems in your home or office this may be the result of a defective vastu, placing a fish aquarium is a very good option.(if your birth chart permits )

2-An aquarium tends to relax your mind and create a calm atmosphere.

3- It can be placed in North or East directions.

4- Except for your drawing room an aquarium cannot be placed in any other room.

5-Placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bed room can cause food and sleep related problems which in turn brings negative energies and disturbs the peace of mind.

6-The number of fishes in an aquarium should be in odd numbers. Can be any fish or gold fish and one has to be a black fish.

7-You need not panic if a fish dies, immediately replace the fish with another one as it is believed that your problems tend to reduce with the death of every fish.But If the fishes die regularly, you should immediately change the position

8-Ornamental fishes are quite active almost the entire day and motivate the observer. So by observing these fishes for a while, one tends to become energetic and will be free from all the worries.

9-The tank or the bowl should be cleaned regularly otherwise it produces negative energy.

10- Please pay attention that anything that stored water has to be placed only at their designated place as per Vastu Shastra. An aquarium, if placed in a conflicting direction, can cause a major imbalance or a Vastu fault.

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