The Roles and Responsibilities of a Sales and Marketing Team

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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Sales and Marketing Team

23 FEB 2017

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Your sales and marketing team has a substantial influence on the profitability of the business. You have to define roles that reflect the strengths of your products and assign responsibilities for achieving the sales performance required by the company. When your marketing strategy builds on the roles taken on by the members of your team, they can set achievable targets and take responsibility for meeting their objectives.

Market Segments

The roles assumed by the members of your sales and marketing team depend on the products you offer and how you segment your markets. For example, if your products are highly technical, a segmentation by industry is effective, because the role of a marketing team member responsible for an industrial segment is that of expert for your products in that industry. If you segment by geographical location, team members are generalists responsible for their region. If you segment by age, team members are responsible for their market segment age group and play a corresponding age-related role.


Once sales and marketing team members know which market segment they represent, they have to make sure that the team marketing strategy addresses the needs of their segment. Each team member is responsible for sales in her area, and the common strategy has to include facets that address any particular needs. If an industrial segment has an essential feature that only it needs, for example, the promotional material targeting that segment has to highlight the essential feature. The role of a team member in developing marketing strategy is that of advocate for the needs of the target market for which he is responsible.

Marketing Plan

Once the team has developed the overall marketing strategy, each team member is responsible for implementing a corresponding marketing plan for the areas of his responsibility. These responsibilities include deciding on the promotional material for his market segment and pricing. In each case, the responsibilities of the marketing manager include ensuring overall cohesion to prevent inconsistent pricing among the market segments and contradictory promotions. The team has to work together to preserve the overall company image while meeting the requirements of each market segment to the maximum extent possible.


A cohesive and effective team balances the conflicting demands of its sales and marketing environment to achieve a common approach, with each team member taking responsibility for achieving the targets for his market segment. When a team member does not meet objectives for a particular segment, the role of other team members is to offer support to help improve performance. While each team member takes responsibility for his work, an effective team defines success as the meeting of all team targets. Such an integrated team effort improves overall sales and marketing performance and promotes team cohesiveness.

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