Allamma - The best movie on Republic Day

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Allamma - The best movie on Republic Day

26 JAN 2017

Posted by: Arun Nagegowda. Category : Entertainment

Today being 45th republic day of my life, I wanted to be happy so I choose to watch new released movie "Allamma"(Allamma Prabhu) acted by "Special Star Dhananjaya" directed by Nagabharana and produced by Shreehari l Khoday. Story based on 12th century mystic saint and vachanakara in kannada language. Allamma prabhu is one of the celebrated poets and patron saint along with Basavanna. The historic story has been made small changes for movie.

Mr. Dhananjaya hero of the movie acted very brilliantly and extraordinary performance is given at the best of him comparatively any other actor in the industry according to my views. And I recommend every family members including childrens should watch this movie to have happiness for the day. Rest of all the characters who are actually acted well. Worth watching movie. Dhananjaya’s acting gives original picture of saint allama prabhu. He will be the future of kannada film industry for sure because he has done a fabulous acting.

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  • Rakesh

    Super sir well said. Even i watched in my native. Dhanu boss acting super agide. Karnatakada kamal hassan nam special star.

  • Abhi

    Yavdo TV channel heltidru en eno bad agi thorsidare allama prabhu bagge antha. But movie nodudmele avarge ugibeku anstide.. Super agi thorsidare history of allama na and dhananajaya avaru history create madidare ega.

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