Ravi or Sun Transition Based on Gochara

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Ravi or Sun Transition Based on Gochara

12 FEB 2017

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(Favourable in 3, 6,10 and 11 positions. Unfavorable in 2nd, 4th , 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th positions.)

1) If Ravi is in 1st house , then ,the person will suffer from ill health, loss of wealth, will have to wanderand toil for nothing. Check for the rise in blood pressure and heart diseases if aspected by Rahu during that period.

2) If Ravi is in 2nd house, the person will suffer from loss of wealth,  will suffer from eye problems etc. There may be some misunderstanding and quarrels at home.

3) If Ravi transits through the 3rd house from Chandra , the person will get a good position in the society, They  will have sound health and earn wealth. They will be courageous. They might get promotions in the job/office. If there is a planet other than Saturn in the 9th house from moon, then Sun will be in Vedha and the positive effects of sun in 3rd house are reduced/ diminished.

4) When Ravi transits through the 4th, there may be stomach related problems, quarrels at home, and no piece of mind.

5) When Ravi transits through the 5th house, it will cause monetary problems. Avoid speculations or stocks. You may have to face lot of worries. Watch out for health.

6) When Ravi   transits 6th house, there will be promotion in job, will acquire wealth and will defeat all the enemies or dominate over them.

7) When Ravi transits 7th, there will be quarrels and misunderstanding with the spouse or business partners.  If Ravi conjuncts with Saturn in the 7th house, there will be lot of bickering and quarrel with the spouse.

8) When Ravi transits 8th house, the person will suffer from illness, and heavy expenditure. If Ravi is conjunct with Mars or Saturn in the 8th,  there will more expenditure and health issues.

9) When Ravi transits 9th, the person will face humiliation, loss of wealth, worries, health problems.  If there is a planet other than Saturn in the 3rd house, the bad effects of sun in 9th house can be obstructed.

10) When Ravi transits 10th, there will be promotion or carrier opportunity.  When aspected by Jupiter, it will be very good for the job.

11) When Ravi transits 11th, the person will get honors in the society.  They can expect good money, and happiness in the job, can also give promotion/elevation in job  when aspected by jupiter.

12) When Ravi transits 12th, it will bring lot of expenditure, health issues, loss of status.  When Ravi is in 12th, it is better to visit temples and perform poojas.

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